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Dorothy Grammer

Today we say Thank you (never Good By) to another of God's faithful servants. A beautifully spirited, tough but tender hearted extremely unique lady, Dorothy Grammer. She is a true and loyal friend to the HOPE Clinic, but has grown to be an even closer friend to me, its Director. She has decided to answer the call of her husband and family and spend a little more time at the home front. And who can blame her! She has spent many hours of the past seven years with us at the HOPE Clinic. We would have had a tough time without her. She has been one that has always been available and ready at a moment's notice. Ready to do whatever is ask of her and even more. I can't begin to list the times I have called her and asked her to fill in when others have had to back out at the last minute, or whenever I knew we were going to have extremely hectic day, or we were just short staff and most importantly, whenever I knew I was going to be away from the clinic for several days. She would always willingly fill in. And I would always rest easy knowing she was there. She always knew what needed to be done without being told and made sure it got done. And she knew what everyone else was suppose to be doing and made sure they were doing it! A managers dream volunteer! She came twice a month and oversaw each women's clinic and volunteered for every Friday clinic that we had. Patients knew when Dorothy was there, if they hadn't gotten their lab done as ordered by the doctor, she was going to "talk" to them about it. Chances are they wouldn't forget that talk. Next time they came back, the lab would have been done, as ordered. Dorothy isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Sometimes that's what you need to hear.

As I thanked her today and tried not to be emotional, I asked her are you really going to sit home and not miss us? If I call and really need you, are you really going to say no? I think I notice a slight misty eyes but twinkle as she replied "probably not"

Thank you, Ms. Dorothy, Love you to the moon and back, Diane

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